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I did not personally experience the Holocaust.

I was born in Tunisia in 1940 and arrived in  Israel at a very young age. For seven years  I lived among newly arrived Holocaust survivors. 

I heard their tragic stories first hand. A young couple I befriended, not much older than I, told me the horrendous experiences they went through, especially the young lady, and that became engraved in my heart and mind.

Every year, on Remembrance Day, I am as if hypnotized by the recounting of these horrible stories, and feel as if I am a survivor myself.

My husband is a survivor. So is my very best friend, Sarka, who wrote the poem dedicating the Children Holocaust Memorial.

When Ramat HaSharon  Municipality held a competition  for creating a monument in memory of the Children of the Holocaust, I felt that the best way to convey my feelings would be to create a figurative presentation needing no explanations as to the sufferings experienced by these as yet innocent souls.

And that is what I created.  

Miriam Houri Gutholc

ילדי השואה, מרים חורי גוטהולץ


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