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Miriam began to shape her silver figurines by chance. One day, holding some aluminum foil that was lying on her desk, she began to finger it and slowly a figure emerged - a slender, unarticulated figure whose humanness shone through. This is how Miriam began to sculpt in aluminum foil, a fascinating material: shiny, but such that when bent, loses its sheen. It is malleable but surprising, soft, and yet - at times - razor sharp.

At first everything was small-scaled, very fine delicate figures, nearly etudes. Later on, wishing to give her figures more volume and enlarge them, Miriam built a metal wire construction. Eventually some of the sculptures were cast in tin, aluminum or bronze, and each material lends its own uniqueness to the figure, making it look a bit different.

Having grown larger, many of the figures became more abstract. They were suddenly "standing on one leg". Suspended on a hair, they seem more human, strong yet vulnerable,

perhaps the essence of the human genum. They appear to bend with the wind, tilting to one side or the other, wishing to stay grounded but still aspiring to keep moving.

Miri Krymolowski, Curator

שני פרחים גדולים


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