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MIRIAM HOURI-GUTHOLC  / Sarka Sapan, 2000

מרים חורי-גוטהולץ | אפיריון
מרים חורי-גוטהולץ | אפיריון

Miriam Houry-Gutholc  / Sarka Span

For thirty years, Miriam Houri-Gutholc has sculpted in various materials: stone, clay, concrete, bronze, various plastic materials and processed wood. The living tree in its organic, unprocessed form, had until now belonged to her garden. Although it has always fascinated her with the shapes, the textures, the life in which it lives; When pruning trees, she kept "interesting" parts of branches, observed their movement, their structure, but did not think of them as sculptures until she came across "The Marcher". Suddenly she felt the need to fill the space between the two branches, and precisely with stone.

This was the starting point of the series of works in this exhibition. The first sculptures came from branches that had movement, or expression, that evoked associations of a figure, which the stone completed.

As the work progressed and developed, the stone became more and more adapted to the shape of the tree, and in recent sculptures the stone has been bursting from the tree as if it were growing out of it, like branches.

The wood and stone in the sculptures of Miriam intertwine, creating a new entity, a new life.

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